New Mobile App & Recent Updates

Jethro Solomon • September 17, 2023


We've just launched the ability for payPod to be installed as a mobile app, along with other recent developments.

Install payPod as a mobile app

payPod can now be installed on your Android smartphone or iPhone, and be accessed just like any other app.

Instead of a traditional mobile app installed from an app store, we implemented payPod as a "Progressive Web App", which is a fairly new way of accessing websites with an app-like experience.

How Install on Android

  • Log in to payPod using Chrome on your Android device.
  • The dashboard will show a "Install Mobile App" button.
  • Tab this button to bring up a prompt. Click the "Install" button on the prompt.
  • After a few seconds, your phoneshould install payPod as an app.
  • You can then close Chrome and open payPod from your app tray.

How Install on iOS

  • Open Safari on your iPhone or iOS device.
  • Navigate to and log in.
  • Tap the "share" icon in the Safari browser
  • Select "Add to Home Screen" from the options.
  • Confirm the installation by tapping the "Add" button.
  • You can then close Safari and open payPod from your app tray.

Proforma Invoices Added

We've just added proforma invoices, which can be created manually, or automatically for recurring invoices. Proforma invoices can be sent 7, 14, or 21 days before a recurring invoice is generated. To enable this for an existing recurring invoice, simply edit the recurring invoice and select the "Generate a proforma invoice automatically" checkbox, adjust thew options as needed, then save.

Manage Products & Services

A new menu item named "Products & Services" has been added to the menu. Products and Services managed on this page will show up as autocomplete items when creating documents (e.g. invoices).

By default, any new items added to invoices will be auto-saved to this page for future use. You can turn off auto-saving on your company settings.

Note: If you have been leaving the 'item name' field blank, and only filling in the description, we encourage you to switch to using the item name (or both fields) instead. Only the item name will work with autocomplete. Please reach out if you have any issues.