Free Invoice Templates

Grab an example South African invoice template below for Excel or Google Sheets.

Fill in the template with your and your clients details' , then export to PDF for a professional invoice.

A Better Way to Invoice

Invoicing can get tiresome. Use a service that streamlines the creation of invoices and tracking payments. Avoid clunky templates littering your desktop!

Excel Invoice Template

Excel makes a great tool for invoicing as spreadsheet can be configured to automatically calculate tax and totals. Bear in mind that not all of your clients will have Excel installed, so ensure to export the invoice to a PDF format, which is far more widely supported.

Download Excel Invoice Template

Google Docs Invoice Template

Much like Excel, a Google Sheets invoice template will also aid in handling calculations automatically. You may need to maintain an additional spreadsheet to keep track of which invoice was sent to whom, and which has been paid.

Open Google Docs Invoice Template

Online Invoicing Software

By ditching the templates and using online software designed specifically for the task at hand, creating and sending invoices cannot get any easier. Save time, and keep track of your invoices.

Try Online Invoicing

Should I use an invoice template or invoice software?

Should I use an invoice template or invoice software? While software such as Google Sheets and Excel do seem suited to creating invoices - they handle the calculations after all - stand-alone invoicing software will definitely provide much more value. Once your business kicks off and you start sending more and more invoices, tracking who has been sent exactly which document as they lay scattered across your desktop is not ideal.

Instead, use a system that easily tracks your invoices and payments received. You want the ability to filter to all invoices created in a certain time period, or quickly see all invoices for a specific client. Traditionally, software costs money, but there are actually free options. For instance, payPod provides a free plan that allows you to create an unlimited number of invoices, for as many clients as you desire. You don't need to pay to get paid!

Start now and create your first invoice in 5 minutes or less!