September 24, 2023

Unlocking Capital: 6 Methods for Business Funding in South Africa

I get it, trust me. When I first ventured into the world of entrepreneurship, the prospect of securing funding for my business felt like an uphill battle. The fact that it takes money to make money,...


September 23, 2023

Online Payment Methods for Small Businesses in South Africa

Disclaimer: payPod is not affiliated with any of the providers listed in this article, even where we may provide integration. In today's digital era, accepting payments online is no longer a luxury...


September 17, 2023

New Mobile App & Recent Updates

We've just launched the ability for payPod to be installed as a mobile app, along with other recent developments. payPod can now be installed on your Android smartphone or iPhone, and be accessed...


April 9, 2023

Delivery Notes & Other New Features

Following the launch of the new payPod system in February this year, we have started the process of adding some much-requested features. Below is a summary of what we've done, and what we are still...