Free Quotation Templates

Download a free quotation template for Excel or Google Sheets.

Fill in the template with your and your clients details, then export to PDF for a professional quote.

A Better Way to Quote your Clients

Generating and sending quotes can sometimes be a full-time job. Use a service that streamlines the generation of quotes and invoices. Avoid clunky templates littering your desktop!

Excel Quote Template

Excel makes a great tool for quoting as spreadsheet can be configured to automatically calculate tax and totals. Bear in mind that not all of your clients will have Excel installed, so ensure to export the quote to a PDF format, which is far more widely supported.

Download Excel Quote Template

Google Sheets Quote Template

Google Sheets has the same benefits as Excel for quoting. You may need to maintain an additional spreadsheet to keep track of which quote was sent to whom, and which has been accepted.

Open Sheets Quote Template

Word Quote Template

Word provides complete controll of the look-and-feel of your quote, but does not provide automatic calculations. We suggest exporting it to a PDF before sending it to your client.

Download Word Quote Template

Online Quote Software

Use online software designed for creating and tracking your quotes and invoices. Easily bring up a list of historical items for each client and never worry about losing a document again.

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Google Docs Quote Template

Google Docs works in much the same way as Word, except you can edit the document directly in your web browser and access it from wherever you are.

Open Google Docs Quote Template

Benefits of Quote Software vs Quote Templates

In the fast-paced business world, efficiency is the key to staying ahead of the competition. Generating quotes for clients is a routine yet crucial task that can either streamline or bottleneck the sales process. While quote templates offer a rudimentary solution, quote software provides a host of advantages for your business operations. Here are some the benefits of using quote software over traditional quote templates.

Key Benefits of Using Quote Software

When weighed against traditional quote templates, it's clear that quote software offers a multitude of benefits designed to enhance efficiency, improve accuracy, and provide a more professional impression to your clients.

Try our quote software with a free plan that allows you to create an unlimited number of quotes, for as many clients as you desire. You don't need to pay to get paid!

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