Delivery Notes & Other New Features

Jethro Solomon • April 9, 2023


Following the launch of the new payPod system in February this year, we have started the process of adding some much-requested features.

Below is a summary of what we've done, and what we are still doing.

Just added:

  • Delivery Notes.
  • Ability to add a "text only" line item to invoices, quotes etc.
  • Amount paid and outstanding balance on invoices.
  • Client export

Still to come:

  • Proforma invoices.
  • Purchase Orders.
  • Cash flow statement.
  • Upload & Attach your own documents to emails (e.g. Word documents).
  • Ability to archive clients.

If you have any feedback on the features we add, please do reach out and let us know your thoughts (

Feedback from payPod users directly influences the service. And while we cannot implement every request we receive, we do aim to cover as many use-cases as possible.