A brand new payPod is coming in 2022

Jethro Solomon • May 30, 2022


In the upcoming months, we are planning to launch a new version of payPod. This will be the first major update since payPod's inception ten years ago in 2012.

All of the current features will remain in place, and functionality that is presently free, will remain free.

The launch will happen in two phases, with the bulk of the improvements happening upfront in phase 1.

The exact launch date is still to be determined, but we will provide ample notice, and provide a video tour ahead of time, so you know what to expect.

New Features - Phase 1

Redesigned user interface

Being ten years old, we are due for a facelift. We think you will like it.

Double-entry accounting & essential financial reports

The single-entry, single account cashbook will be replaced with the industry-standard double entry system. You will also be able to add all of your accounts (credit card, savings account, etc).

Worry not if you know nothing about accounting - we have designed this for business owners first. Tracking your income and expenses remain as easy as it is today.

Multiple Tax Types

Track multiple tax types, not just VAT. You will also be able to track how much you owe SARS thanks to the double-entry system.

Multiple users per business

Provide your employees, colleagues or accountant with access to your account, without sharing your password.

Multiple businesses per login

Login once and manage all of your businesses. If you already have more than one payPod account, we will provide assistance with linking them under one profile.

Add clients directly on invoices & quotes

You will no longer need to visit the clients page to add a client - you will be able to do this directly on the invoice or quote creation screen.

New Features - Phase 2

Recurring Invoices

Schedule invoices to automatically be generated and sent on a schedule.

Purchase Orders

Cash flow statement

Thank You

When payPod was first built, it was done so out of a need for an affordable and easy way to bill customers. Over time, payPod has endured and grown in a way that we did not anticipate. We would like to extend our thanks to all that use payPod.

We are committed to our goal of helping small businesses do business, and we believe these updates will do just that.

If you have any questions or feedback at this stage, please feel free to mail us at support@paypod.co.za

Again, thank you!

- Jethro & the payPod Team